Children, Worship, and Visual Art as Faith Formation

December 12, 2018

Dr. Cindy Beth Johnson teaches at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, in the field of arts and theology.  She invites us to help children hear how God is speaking to them by embracing visual arts to tell the stories of scripture.  When children create a visual upon hearing the story of Prodigal Son, or Jesus' baptism, what is it they picture? Faith formation and visual arts seem to be a natural fit for young disciples! Listen to Dr. Johnson explain on Common Good Radio's, Faith Parenting.



Do we welcome children to the faith community, or tolerate them?

November 28, 2018

Dr. Dawn Rundman offers parents and congregations a perspective on how to welcome children to worship, fellowship, and congregational life.  It's about reframing the notions of who the children are as fully participating members of God's community, rather than little people we tolerate until they get older.  Even toddlers and babies have something to offer in a "ministry of presence and spirit that only toddlers and babies have among us!" Please listen in on Common Good Radio Network's podcast series, Faith Parenting. 


Leave a Little Bit Undone

September 25, 2018

Rabbi Joe Black talks about family life, spiritual life, and how we all need to keep on learning, growing and trying! 


Prayer and your family

August 28, 2018

How powerful is prayer in the life of a family, with or without a religious tradition? From Desmond Tutu to Rumi to Rilke, the great religious figures and mystics across time have commented on prayer and our human relationship to the act.   Listen to a meditation on prayer by Rev. Robin Blair and ask yourself how you find these moments of connecting with the Divine in your life and the family you love. 


Sunday morning! Is that all there is?

August 7, 2018

Teach my child to be a Christian? Rev Dr. Barbara Anne Keely suggests its more than a Sunday morning thing...


Share Your Faith with Family

July 11, 2018

How to share your faith, as parents, with the children in your life? Dr. Dawn Rundman has some wonderful ideas! listen in on this episode of Faith Parenting!